The Importance of Nature Connection for Kids

Cultivating a child’s relationship with nature engenders health and wholeness.  Today’s children spend considerably less time outside and even less in natural settings. The effects are notable.  TreeSong’s mission statement emphasizes the importance of connecting children to self, community and nature. There has been a multitude of studies that document how spending time in nature impacts virtually all facets of a child’s existence, including the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  These studies categorically support that exposure to and interaction with the natural world are imperative to well-being, creative and problem-solving capacities, and emotional and intellectual development.

Fostering love for the natural world not only benefits the individual child, but also has a far-reaching and important impact on our world. Children who form a relationship with nature are more likely to grow up to be adults who are dedicated stewards of our precious earth. We care for what we know, understand and love. Our planet needs as many conscious, caring individuals as possible to nurture, restore and passionately act on her behalf.

We at TreeSong deeply believe in providing a place, in this amazing Northwest riverside forest, for children to play, learn, explore, connect and nourish all aspects of themselves. We believe these embodied experiences are what children need on a fundamental level, and it’s what the world needs:  future generations that protect and care for the earth.

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Michelle Fox
Founder and Executive Director of TreeSong,
Educator and Mother

Michelle fulfills a 15 year dream of supporting the wholeness of children (and families) through nature-based exploration and learning. She’s been a teacher of young children for almost 30 years, teaching art, Spanish, preschool, Maiden Spirit (program for 9-13 year old girls) and Children’s Yoga.