Michelle Fox

Michelle Fox, is the Founder and Executive Director of TreeSong. She has been an early childhood educator for over 25 years. After procuring a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Spanish at the University of California at Davis, she earned an Elementary School Teaching Credential from the Multi-cultural/Bilingual Program at Sacramento State University. She has had teaching experiences in bilingual (Spanish/English) Elementary classrooms, Spanish immersion Kindergarten, Pre-school, as well as teaching Art to Elementary students.

Michelle has mentored children in nature awareness through a program she created called Roots and Wings, as well as taught yoga for kids for 10 years. She was also a mentor in a program called Maiden Spirit for 6 years. This beautiful program is designed to empower girls 9-13 and prepare them for a rite of passage ceremony.

In summer 2013,  Michelle attended a week-long training in the Art of Mentoring at the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, WA. This inspiring week gave her a wonderful foundation in mentoring children in nature awareness. The last 10 years have also given her rich experiences and deepened her devotion to wholeness and the mind/body/spirit connection, through her practices of yoga and massage therapy.

Having had the opportunity to live on the Washougal River with her children for 4 years has also gifted her greatly. Through the day to day relationship with the forest, animals, river, she further opened to the powerful healing and learning that nature offers. Michelle was able to witness first-hand, children (her own two) learning, growing, returning to their own true nature, as a result of their consistent contact with the natural world.

It is her most sincere wish to pass along what she has discovered and to support others in developing a life changing relationship with the wilderness both outside and within them.



Instructor L. J. Hunter is the author of “Lonesome for Bears” Lyons Press 2008, a co-founder of the International Society of Professional Trackers and is certified by CyberTracker Conservation in Track and Sign, as well as by Universal Tracking Services in human tracking. Further experiences include man tracking for Search and Rescue interspersed with natural history studies and a former brown bear viewing guide in an outback Alaskan Lodge.



Instructor Terry Kem was raised on a ranch along the Columbia river in Oregon. He likes to reflect on these years as his endless days of play.

In 1994, Terry was reintroduced to the natural world by his first tracking mentor, Tom Brown Jr. Over the last 20 plus years, he has also taken classes from many trackers in our country with the goal to expand his skills and nature awareness. Terry has logged thousands of hours tracking and teaching his skills through various organization here in the Northwest, including his own.  Terry has received a level III Track & Sign Certificate.

To learn more about Terry Kem, go to his website at www.deerdance.org.



Instructor Jane Doudney has been a lifelong outdoors enthusiast, from her youth in the Midwest to years of exploring the Alaskan wilderness and now SW Washington.  She had tried many traditional ways of enjoying the outdoors and then came upon track and sign.  Jane was first introduced to tracking through classes with Linda Hunter.  Through these experiences, her appreciation for the interrelatedness found in nature deepened as she learned to “read” the stories the forest has to tell.  She has also studied trailing with Adriaan Louw and became Cybertracker certified in 2016 in track and sign.  Jane is a talented tracker. The woods symbolize peace and joy for her and she looks forward to sharing her passion for nature and tracking with new people.  Jane has been an active part of TreeSong since its beginning in 2013.


Instructor Margaret Trenholm spent her early years exploring the coasts and forests of Cape Cod.  She didn’t realize this idyllic experience would set the stage for a later life consumed by her passion for tracking and trailing. She is currently enrolled in a Tracking Intensive program and hoping to bring that knowledge to share with people in the Tracking Comprehensive during the summer.  She passed the Cybertracker evaluation in 2016. Other tracking related experiences include – helping set wildlife cameras in the Mt Hood area, being a trail steward and reluctant birder with Steigerwald Refuge, participating in a trailing workshop with Adriaan Louw. She is thankful to Linda Hunter for igniting her interest in tracking and being a wonderful mentor/teacher.


Miranda Martin

Miranda is a graduate from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor’s in Outdoor Experiential Education. Growing up in Western, NC, she spent a lot of her time camping with her family in the Pisgah Forest and hiking around the Blue Ridge Mountains. Miranda’s first outdoor job in NC entailed living on a llama farm where they utilized llamas for wilderness therapy backpacking trips. She has been teaching adventure sports and wilderness survival skills for the past 4 summers in Denver, CO and Portland, OR. Her biggest passion as an outdoor educator is to develop stewards of nature. In her free time you can find her snowboarding, mountain biking, or climbing rocks.

Britt Eisenman

Britt is a creative Earth-keeper who believes in a balance between work and play. Her passion for nature and sustainability as well as movement and meditation bring a unique dynamic to Treesong. She recently worked at a horticulture therapy program in Hawaii as a wellness coordinator and as an educator at an outdoor survival school in the Portland area. Britt is an active member of the community and enjoys teaching yoga and dance as well as volunteering on farms and at local markets.

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Kevin has been serving adults and kids as a naturalist educator and wilderness skills instructor since 2005. He started his career in Alaska where he became a Naturalist-in-Residence for the Juneau School District and taught hands-on inquiry-based science for elementary age students.  From there he has served as a freelance naturalist in various settings on the West Coast from Walker Creek Ranch in Marin, CA to the In-School Programs Specialist at Seward Park Audubon.

He served as a Teaching Assistant for the renowned Wilderness Awareness School Adult Tracking Intensive Program 2015-2018.  He currently holds a Cybertracker Level 3 Wildlife Track & Sign and coordinates the Seattle Tracking Club.

Wanting to deepen his naturalist training he completed the rigorous, nine-month Anake Naturalist Training Program at Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, WA.  During that time, he also completed the certification through Kamana Four, a self-directed three-year nature study program.  All these years he has been connecting adults and kids to nature, others, and to themselves in wild places of the Pacific Northwest.  He is the Director and Lead Instructor at South Sound Nature School in Washington State.

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Instructor Laura Whittemore has been teaching classes in beginning birding and birding by ear for the Audubon Society of Portland since 2000. She loves to teach people about birds and open the door to learning more about their fascinating and interesting lives. Her goal as a teacher is to help students raise their awareness of the natural world around them. Laura finds that taking just five minutes to slow down and watch birds creates a meaningful and inspiring connection with creatures other people might pass by.



Sage Jensen has over 21 years of experience conducting biological inventories and assessments throughout the Northwest, including botanical surveys. Sage has been teaching plant identification classes in Oregon and Washington for nearly the same amount of time, with a focus on introductory plant taxonomy. Her goal as an instructor is to give students the tools to make connections to the natural world around us in a fun and approachable way.



Anna’s love of art and the creative process has been a major part of her life since she was a child.

She believes the powerful communication and expression of art enriches both the artist and the public. Anna tries to speak out about critical and difficult issues facing people and the planet, but also balances this with art that is whimsical and humorous. She enjoys the exploration of metaphor and irony in all their permutations.

Anna works with clay, mixed media, and found objects to create unusual and expressive sculptures and assemblages. She draws most of her inspiration from a deep and lifelong love of nature and animals. She teaches classes in clay and mixed media to adults and children and is also an art therapist and art therapy supervisor. Following the tragic loss of her daughter to cancer in 1989, she returned to college and in 1992 earned a master’s degree in art therapy, later working for hospice in Portland. Several years after that, she began private practice, specializing in grief and loss. Anna believes her own experience and the experience of helping others through such difficult and challenging times have enriched her own personal growth and expression and given her an understanding of deep human connections. The process of making art can have a deep healing impact on the artist.



Andie Thrams makes paintings and artist’s books in wilderness habitats. Her art and teaching explore mystery, reverence, delight, and vanishing habitats.  Her award-winning work is widely exhibited and held in numerous permanent collections, including Yale University and the University of Washington. She earned a BA degree in art practice from the University of California, Berkeley, and has been teaching art making in the outdoors since 1990.



Heather Jolma Fray is a yoga instructor, creator of the Breathing Room in Vancouver, mother of two, amazing musician, and so much more!

“A life long lover of movement, I found yoga over a decade ago in a gym, getting a workout where my husband worked and my son Max resisted being in the child care space. Moving on with my new found interest, I discovered then, Yvonne Edes, now Sundari SitaRam, at The Shanti Yoga Center. It is still unraveling, but yoga, as I have come to know it in my world, is a source of connection to what is good, natural; an easy way back to myself, my heart. It has become a way I have deepened my understanding of the impact my thoughts have on my health and well-being, therefore the health and well-being of my family, community, and planet.”


Chas Martin

Chas Martin is a sculptor/painter from Portland, Oregon. His teaching style is both playful and enlightening. He is a former creative director whose entire career has focused on nurturing the creative spirit of those around him. Chas works daily from his studio where he also mentors other artists and holds classes on watercolor, acrylic and sculpture. He is a former instructor at Boston Art Institute, San Francisco Academy of Art College, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Northwest Academy and Sitka Center for Art and Ecology.


Rose Gerber

As a life-long vivid dreamer, Rose Gerber has always been fascinated by dreams. After studying dream psychology and practicing dream analysis, Rose discovered that she enjoyed helping others discover the healing power of dreams. Rose facilitates dream groups, and produces and hosts a podcast about dreams, Decoding R.E.M., which explores the science and mysteries behind dreams. 



“If you were to ask me what I do I would answer this way, ‘I create, I search, I love, I forgive, I write, I garden, I farm, I teach, I heal, I learn, I share, I march forward, and so much more.’

If you were to ask me who I am I would answer this way. “ I am an artist, a healer, a mother, a wife, a friend, a teacher, a farmer, a student, a volunteer, an explorer, a seeker, a SoulCollage® Facilitator, an Airbnb Super Host and whoever else I need to be.”

None of us, not one, can be defined simply. It is my belief that because we are undeniably amazing and diverse Creations, we all have the power of Creative Energy in us. All capable of great things. All prisms of light.”

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