Friction Fire Weekend

Saturday, May 11, 10:00 am – Sunday, May 12, 12:00 pm

$270 – Accommodations in cabin (5 spaces)
– Accommodations on covered porch on comfy cots, bedding provided (2 spaces)
– Camping with own gear (5 spaces)

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Kevin O’Malley

Our friction fire weekend will be spent building a bow drill kit and then practicing ‘getting a coal’ and starting fires. We will also learn to identify the best wood and materials for starting a fire by friction- which includes the fire board, spindle, and tinder bundle.  We will have time for making tinder bundles as we will need them for the course.  Friction fire is an important survival skill.  This class will help you feel more comfortable with friction fire components that may become a life-long journey.  We’ll also have the opportunity to experience other naturalist activities including sit spot.

Bring a sack lunch for Saturday’s lunch and then enjoy a healthy and delicious dinner and brunch prepared for you. Overnight accommodations included. View details below for more information on what to bring.

Space is limited.

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What to Bring


Gloves & kneeling pad

Please bring a light pair of gloves such as these leather gardening gloves. It is important to have gloves that allow you to easily handle your knife as well as feel the wood. Also, having a small mat of some sort to kneel and sit on makes for extra comfort.  


Purchase a knife at the retreat (optional)

These affordable but awesome knives will be available for $25 at the retreat. Make sure to bring a check or cash if you plan on buying one.


Bring your own Knife

The knife should be a fixed blade knife, around 4" inches, with a sheath.