Archery Class!

Archery can be practiced by everyone; no matter age, gender, or ability. This engaging activity builds self-confidence and improves strength, coordination, patience and relaxation. It’s also a whole lot of fun!

saturday, september 21

Tuition: $25
$90 for family of four


Introduction to Bicycle Tracking

Animal Tracking is a way of glimpsing the lives of the animals in the habitats we use for pleasure and recreation. Tracking animals by bicycle is a fun way to get an overall view of a habitat and is a skill that can be learned to enhance your interest in riding.

Saturday, October 5

50% Off for past 2019 Students


This workshop is being rescheduled, date and time TBD.


The Spirit of the land at TreeSong will help us dig into and explore the SoulCollage® deck and its four suits. Community, Council, Committee and Companion.




music amongst the trees with celtinalia: hammered dulcimer & celtic harp concert

SunDAY, OCTober 13TH

Jennifer Pratt-Walter and Carl Thor bring together their unique styles of Celtic-inspired music for a memorable musical experience.


THE NATURE WITHIN Personal Development Workshop

This interactive workshop helps us align with the Natural processes that govern our personal growth and embrace our challenges. We will uncover deeply rooted connections within that allow us to "be in Nature," even when we're at the office, school, or anywhere Nature is not readily accessible.

Sunday, October 20th

Tuition: $50


Dream Medicine

Learn how to develop the tools to help form a relationship with your dreams that can lead to personal growth, self-exploration, and healing. 

Saturday, October 26

Tuition: $75


Masters of the Sky: birds of prey in the pacific northwest

Laura Whittemore returns to offer an edifying and enlivening glimpse into the magnificent hunters of the bird world, eagles, hawks and falcons.

Saturday, November 16

Tuition: $50


5th Annual Women’s Yoga in Nature Retreat

Save the date! Details TBD.

August 14th - August 16th 2020

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