2019 TreeSong Tracking/Naturalist Program

TreeSong offers a robust collection of tracking courses which cover a wide array of skills, substrates, and ecosystems. The facilitators are phenomenal naturalists, trackers and teachers who are Cybertracker certified, as well as dedicated and passionate about sharing their love of tracking. The program is brimming with high-quality instruction, adventure and meaningful nature connection. Whether you’re just beginning your tracking journey or you’ve been tracking for years, the TreeSong tracking and naturalist program is sure to advance your knowledge and enrich your connection with the natural world.


Forest Goddess Ceramics Class

Students will use  clay as well as other materials such as wood, sticks, roots, and other found objects to create.a nature-inspired goddess sculpture.

Saturday, August 3 and Saturday, August 10

Tuition: $85


Touch the Earth: A Weekend Women’s Forest, River, Yoga Retreat

This retreat into the serene riverside forest is an opportunity to give yourself sacred time to reconnect with, rejuvenate and renew your intimate relationship with the Earth and with your Spirit through outside Yoga and Meditation, River and Forest Bathing, Silence, Art, Walking, Singing and Rest.

Friday, August 16 to Sunday, August 18

Tuition: $290 - $330


Archery Class!

Archery is a great way to engage and is an activity that can be practiced by all, no matter age, gender, or ability. Strength, coordination, patience, relaxation, and self-confidence building are just a few benefits of archery. Join us!

This class is open to ages 5 and up!

saturday, AUGUST 24

Tuition: $25
$90 for family of four


Watercolor retreaT – WILD ART: Meditations, Methods, & Magic

This drawing-and-painting-focused retreat will weave meditation techniques and forest meanderings into the art process.  

Friday, September 13 – Sunday, September 15

Tuition: $335 - $385



The Spirit of the land at TreeSong will help us dig into and explore the SoulCollage® deck and its four suits. Community, Council, Committee and Companion.




Dream Medicine

Learn how to develop the tools to help form a relationship with your dreams that can lead to personal growth, self-exploration, and healing. 

Saturday, October 26

Tuition: $85


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