Education, Connection, Inspiration.

TreeSong is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a deep connection to nature, community, and self while inspiring stewardship for the planet at-large. Our nature awareness and arts programs for children, adults, and families offer a fertile ground to grow one’s sense of self, community-mindedness and environmental responsibility.


2019 Summer Day Camps

Our youth programs are designed to connect kids to the natural world, build confidence in the outdoors, and foster attitudes of respect toward all Earth’s creatures through nature awareness experiences.

Arts At Treesong

TreeSong’s arts programs foster connection with the earth through nature inspired creative projects. Our art programs allow participants to tap into their inner creativity and express their own values and sense of self.

2019 Tracking Program

TreeSong’s tracking program is brimming with high-quality instruction, adventure and meaningful nature connection. Our program is sure to advance your knowledge and enrich your connection with the natural world.


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