Education, Connection, Inspiration.

TreeSong is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a deep connection to nature, community, and self while inspiring stewardship for the planet at-large. Our nature awareness and arts programs for children, adults, and families offer a fertile ground to grow one’s sense of self, community-mindedness and environmental responsibility.



A visual and musical feast blending the guitar creations of Paul Chasman with the dissolving-view nature photography of R. Dennis Wiancko benefiting TreeSong Nature Awareness and Retreat Center.

A wonderful collection of art pieces donated by local artists will be featured in the Silent Auction preceding the concert.

$20/person, $10/children 12 and under


archery classes for all ages

Archery can be practiced by everyone, no matter age, gender, or ability. Strength, coordination, patience, relaxation, and self-confidence building are just a few benefits of archery.

Naturalist and arts programs for adults

TreeSong offers a wide variety of naturalist and arts classes, as well as overnight retreats, that allow participants to learn about and connect with the natural world as well as tap into their inner creativity.


nature awareness programs for children

Our popular Circle Keepers program offers weekly and monthly nature awareness experiences for 4 to 17 year olds.


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